Administrative law

  • We have experience in conducting business interests in the executive branch, defending their claims before the Ministries of Transport, Industry, Mines and Energy and Public Entities in the State of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
  • We specialize in procurement of works and services and legal advice in dealing with claims arising from execution of public works and public service concession.
  • Advocacy on expropriations and promotion of civil liability of public bodies.
  • We guide and license investments in infrastructure, especially in telecommunications – ANATEL, water and sanitation, information technology, energy – ANEEL, transport and environmental law.

Civil Law

Business Law

  • We participate in establishing, registering, merging, as well as in the incorporation and scission of business partnerships.
  • We draw-up shareholders agreements and establish partnerships consorciums.
  • We provide legal assistance in the capital opening of partnerships and in the registering at the Securities Commission.
  • Elaboration of commercial contracts in general.
  • Guidance regarding the issuing and collection of credit instruments.
  • Handle claims related to Business Law.
  • Provide counseling in the acquisition of companies and commercial enterprises.
  • Handle Bankruptcy and Compositions.
  • Draw-up contracts of business representations.
  • Offer solution to claims before Arbitration Panel.

Private International Law

  • Legal advise regarding the participation in foreign business, analysing the legislation regarding taxes and laborites’ responsibilities.
  • Elaboration of international Joint Ventures contracts.
  • Registration of Foreign Capital and advice for investments in Brazil.
  • Handling of legal claims abroad, promotion of arbitration before the Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce, and other international arbitration courts.
  • Legal assistance in the exporting of services.

Mineral Law

  • We work with the National Department of Mineral Production in obtainning licenses for mining research.
  • We do follow-up of agreements with the “land surface owners” and matters resulting from research and mineral extraction.
  • We provide assistance to companies when transfering mineral rights and when establishing joint ventures with the objective of developing projects.

Criminal law

  • Consultations.
  • Follow-up of Police Inquest.
  • Defense before a Trial by Jury and Trial Court in general.
  • We also povide assistance to the Public Prosecution Service, as well as bring suit for private actions.
  • Defense related to criminal proceedings of competence of the Federal Justice and Military Justice.
  • We operate in every step of jurisdiction, as well as in every State of the Federation.

Social Security Law

  • Administrative and Legal defenses related to social security contributions.
  • Guidance and counseling in the collection of social security contributions.
  • Write-up and follow-up of requests for the payment of debits in stallments.
  • Assist in obtaining benefits from the Social Wellfare Department.
  • Guidance to assist in obtaining benefits benefits and services for the insured and his/her dependents, disability compensation, work related accident, retirement, pensions and savings.

Labor Law

  • Establish laborite routines and advise on companies policies for human resources.
  • Elaboration of work contracts for special positions and functions
  • Offer preventive assistance and do follow-up of claims.

Tax Law

  • We are qualified to defend companies, both administratively and judicially.
  • We are experienced in determining business formalities and the judicial acts resulting from tax repercussions and in carrying out global tax planning of commercial ventures.
  • We deal with matters pertaining federal, state, and local taxes and provide guidance on earnings transfers to overseas.