The firm was stablished in the 1980´s with the purpose of providing contractor companies of public works, with headquarters in the State of Minas Gerais, with a wide jurical assistance in biddings of services and works, in the national and international scope, in the discussion of contractual clauses and in the execution od administrative contracts. From this basic core, the firm has developed its activities embrancing other law areas such as administrative, tributary, mining, commercial, civilian, laborite, social welfare and penal, always assisting its clients with competence, allowing the expasion of its services to other states of the federation.

Due to the experience of Dr. Alberto de Lima Vieira in dealing with managerial problems, the firm has been providing juridical assistance in matters of acquisition, coalition and incorporation of companies in the sectors of mining, electronics, projects and large scale construction work.

The firm relies on the colaboration of experienced associated lawyers, in all areas in which it renders juridical services.

Next, we detail the firm experiences in several areas of perfomance.